Why I Write

It all started with a casual confession from a friend.

She was in her mid 30s, with a PhD, a well-respected job, a husband, and a young son.

She told me that in her spare time she liked to write erotic short stories and publish them anonomously on a website.

My friend trusted me enough to share the website and her virtual moniker.

Her stories were explicit, sexy, and surprising. Her female protagonists enjoyed being put on display for the gratification of powerful men. They loved being desired and dominated. They were so completely unlike the wife, mother, and professional woman I knew, yet I could clearly see her in them.

I was fascinated by the dichotomy.

I’ve been a writer for many years. (In case you’re wondering, Kelee Morris is a pen name.) I’ve written screenplays and short stories. They had their share of sex scenes, but never more than the PG-13 or soft R variety. I’d never considered writing anything more graphic.

Then, a few months after my friend’s confession, another friend told me about a self-published phenomenon called Fifty Shades of Grey. Mommy Porn, some people called it. Needless to say, I was curious. I grabbed my Nook and downloaded a copy.

I won’t comment on the quality of writing in 50 Shades, but what really bothered me was the novel’s main character, Anastasia Steele. I understand why E.L. James chose to make her so naive and virginal, but Anastasia didn’t appeal to me at all. I wanted a character I could identify with, a woman with a real life and real responsibilities, someone who was smart, responsible, and sexy.

Someone like my friend.

The novel popped into my head almost fully formed. It centered on a tattoo—an abstract symbol, as faded as the mysterious, sex-charged dreams that inspired the image many years ago. But a chance meeting with an observant archeology student thrusts Julia Nelson—wife, mother of three, PTA president—into a breathtaking world of mystery, passion, and eroticism.

My first erotic romance novel Goddess will be published soon. My goal is to use this blog to promote it, but also to spark a discussion about love and sex inside and outside the bounds of marriage.

I hope you’ll read the book and enjoy this blog. It should be an interesting journey.



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