What Romance Novel Covers Say About the Genre

I’ve been looking at a lot of romance book covers lately, searching for inspiration for the cover of my own erotic romance Goddess. I don’t mind half-naked men with rippling abs, but after awhile the covers run together in a big, bland mush. I find the same to be true with covers for most of the other romance sub-genres: flowery fonts, impossibly beautiful, scantily clad women, high heels, monochromatic shots of jewelry and bondage restraints. It’s all dull, dull, dull IMHO.


Unfortunately, too often I find that these covers are just a reflection of the dull writing inside. I’m not saying that I haven’t read a few good romance novels lately, but they seem to be a very slim minority of the ones published today.

Romance desperately needs a breakout novel that features exemplary writing and turns the genre’s conventions on their ends. 50 Shades may have given erotic romance a lot of press, but it did nothing to improve the genre’s status in the literary world or for the general public.

Which leads me back to Goddess’s cover. As a debut novelist, I’m torn between wanting to be offer a cover that’s beautiful and unique, and wanting to identify it as a romance for potential readers. I have a lot more research to do.

Are there romance covers that you love? Is the writing in the book worthy of them?

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