First Advance Review of Goddess

It’s not quite as exciting as having that first baby, but the first advance review of Goddess  was just published on Goodreads. By the way, I make it a policy not to ask friends to review my books. As someone who reads reviews, I want to believe that they’re at least somewhat honest. I know they often aren’t, or the reviewers are being “generous,” but I can still attempt to live by that ideal.

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Danielle’s review Oct 04, 15
5 of 5 stars
Read from October 03 to 04, 2015

As soon as I started reading this book I knew it was going to be good and it didn’t disappoint. I probably shouldn’t have started reading it so late at night because once I started it I couldn’t put it down. It is well written and draws you in right from the start.

Bored of her normal suburban life that has become repetitive. Three children and a husband who works away a lot just isn’t as fulfilling as it used to be. Julia takes on a part time job to try and fill the hole in her life. Can the white picket fence and the perfect family really keep her content?

There is a bit of everything in this book mystery, history, family, romance, scandal and everyday life.

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