Goddess by Kelee Morris

Adultery is clearly not appropriate subject matter for every romance reader, but it can make for great drama.

Romance Novels for the Beach

This book will make you not want to get married, or have children. If you’ve already done both, you might regret it. Basically, you are eventually doomed to boredom with your husband, and either one or the both of you will engage in an extra-marital affair because of it. So, yeah. Good times!

What’s it About? 


Wife, mother, PTA president… Sex Goddess? For Julia Nelson, it was only a faded tattoo, almost forgotten, like the sex-charged dreams that inspired it some 20 years ago. For renowned, rugged-sexy archeologist Dr. Ashland Stewart, it was his greatest discovery, the sacred emblem of an ancient goddess culture. Two symbols, eons apart, yet exact duplicates. It must be a coincidence. But when Julia and Ashland meet, their connection is instantaneous, powerful, erotic. Julia’s suburban life is safe and comfortable. She has everything to lose. Ashland’s world is remote archeological digs and flings with younger women. He’s sexually free but emotionally…

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