KDP Countdown Confusion

The KDP Countdown seems like a good deal for authors. You get to run a special for your book (.99 in the case of my book Goddess) while retaining the 70% royalty rate of the regular price. (My regular price is $2.99.)

I ran my first countdown deal just after Thanksgiving and wanted to give it a try again. That’s when I discovered the fine print. While doing a little research, I learned that because I had already run a countdown deal last month, I wasn’t eligible to run another one in the U.S. Fine, I thought, I’ll run the deal in the UK and change the price manually for those of us in the New World. I wouldn’t get the same royalty rate, but that didn’t seem like a big deal. I did my due diligence and read that I must change the price before the countdown deal began. Unfortunately, what I didn’t discover until it was too late was that I had to change my U.S. price 24 hours before my UK deal began.

So, bottom line, I am running a countdown deal, but only in the UK. Oh, well. Merry Christmas to my tea-loving readers. Everyone else will have to wait of for my next special.

Best wishes,


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