Questions I’ve been asked …

For those writers who might be considering looking for a “real” job…

Hey Hey Julia

…during a job interview.

It’s no secret to those who know me that I’m looking for a job. You know, preferably one that pays me what I’m worth, has benefits, is interesting and employs other smart folks.

What has not been fun are the interviews. Fretting about wearing the right outfit, if my makeup is too heavy and if I’m showing too much cleavage is enough to turn me into a day drinker.

However, the superficial concerns are nothing like wondering how the interview will go. I always do research on the company that’s considering me. I take copious amounts of notes, tirelessly search the Internet for information on who’s who at the company and by the time I arrive at the front desk, I can name the CEO’s college roommate’s cat.

What always sends me into a tizzy are the possible questions I could be asked. Some are sane and…

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