Growing up, I was never a fan of romance novels, so it came as a surprise to me several years ago when I fell so completely in love with the genre. But it shouldn’t have. As a teenager, I first discovered one of the greatest romances in the English language–Far From the Madding Crowd. I’ve reread it many times and I’ve always been moved by Hardy’s characters and their passions.

Now, I’ve fully embraced my new passion: writing romance novels. After writing screenplays for many years, I’m excited about this new direction in my writing career. I hope you’ll join me by reading Goddess.

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  1. Hi Kelee,

    I saw on a Google Plus thread you are promoting your book. We have created a free service called Bookvetter which is designed to facilitate reviews and help with promotion. When you have a moment, come and see if it’s something that can help your book find a larger audience.

    If you have any additional questions please contact me. Best of luck with your book.




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