One Hundred Followers

Some words of wisdom that stuck in my mind when I was exploring starting this blog was another blogger’s warning that it might take a long time to get my first 100 followers. Boy, was he right! But when author Ed A Murray started following me two days ago, I finally reached that milestone. (Welcome, Ed!)

I can now see the light at the end of a long tunnel for the second part of my Goddess trilogy and I’m working on a new novel in my spare time, so exciting things are happening. Stay tuned, and hopefully it won’t take quite as long to reach 200 followers.

Best wishes,



Count your blessings. Look on the bright side. See the glass as half full. Just be happy. It’s easy to offer platitudes to our fellow travelers, whether they’re going through serious difficulties or just the normal ups and downs of life. I have to admit, I often get annoyed by these overly optimistic people. We can see the world as bright and sunny, but that doesn’t make the rain stop falling.

But I still believe that offering up thanks is a good way to live. If we focus too much on the negative, it’s like staring at the object on the side of the road we want to avoid. It just makes us steer towards it.

So, with our American Thanksgiving just two days away, I offer up thanks, to my family, my friends, my readers, my fellow writers and bloggers, and to the creative goddesses that push me forward, even when I’ve lost my creative energy.

To all of you, Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving-turkey-clip-art-clipart Kelee

Goddess: Three Days and Counting

It’s been very busy over here at Goddess world. (If only it were theme park; it would make for a very satisfying visit.) I’ve submitted my guest blog posts to my lovely fellow bloggers/writers, Melanie Moxon, Leigh Anderson, and Nat at Reading Romances. My first reviews are out, I have author questions to answer for Deal Sharing Aunts, and tomorrow I’m giving readers a little preview of the book by posting the first chapter right here on my blog. So check back here over the coming week and enjoy the ride!

Best wishes,


The Joys of DIY Marketing

I’ve barely written a new word of prose in the last two weeks. Perhaps that’s a poor way for a writer to be spending precious time, but for the most part I don’t mind. My first novel Goddess will be released one month from today and I’ve been very busy organizing a blog tour and soliciting advance reviews.

Now, I must admit that my DIY skills aren’t always top notch. I’m diligent but lean towards disorganization. If I take apart an appliance to fix, I invariably lose a screw or two.

But while I’ve learned that DIY book marketing is hard work, and sometimes my Excel file that tracks my contacts looks like an accountant’s version of hell, I’ve found this to be a wonderful learning experience.

I’m fairly new to the blogging universe. While I occasionally read and followed blogs in the past, it was never a substantial part of my reading time. But now I’m spending many hours exploring blogs and discovering what other writers and bookworms are sharing. It’s fascinating. There are a lot of good blogs out there. I’m envious and appreciative of the time bloggers take to connect with the world and share their passions.

But the best thing about my DIY efforts is the relationships I’ve begun to build. If I hired an outside marketer to set up my blog tour, I would never be meeting so many warm, kind people. Forget about the way fictional writers are portrayed. I find almost all independent authors to be generous and helpful. Plus, their posts about marketing oneself as an independent writer have taught me so much.

I don’t know if Goddess will sell even one copy, but i know I will be a wiser person for this whole experience.

Now, back to the blogs. I’ve got more work to do!

Best Wishes,