How to Add a Link to Sell Your Book on

I love searching the internet to find a solution to a problem. That’s how I fixed the dishwasher and got dog pee out of a wool rug. But sometimes Google is like a hot but unreliable man. In other words, disappointing and frustrating.

I was trying to figure out how I could provide a way to buy my new book Goddess from this blog, but all I could find was useless and confusing information about plugins and stripping out Amazon html code. (I’m good with the stripping part; HTML I’m not so talented with.) Part of the confusion was between and We’re much more limited on the .com site, but hey, it’s free.

I finally found the solution myself. It was simple, but it took some digging through menus. I offer it to other new authors who want to sell their book from their blog.

  1. First go to the WP Admin site.
  2. Select Appearance, then Customize, then Widgets, then Sidebar.
  3. Select Add a Widget.
  4. In the menu of options, find Image.
  5. I added an image of my book cover.
  6. You can embed a link in the image. I chose the page for my book.
  7. For the title, I wrote “Buy My Book Here:”
  8. Underneath, for the caption, I wrote “Available on Amazon” I suppose I could have included the price too.
  9. I then reordered the sidebar so my buy link was at the top right.

It was so simple, my 10-year-old could have done it.

I hope that’s helpful to some of you. Now damnit, go buy my book!

Best Wishes